Month: October 2022


8 Steps To Take To Keep Your Brain Young

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The brain is our most complex organ. It’s in an ever-changing state as it adeptly manages our speech, memory, decision-making and practically every other aspect of our lives. However, with age, its capabilities begin to slow, affecting cognitive function and our ability to live independently. These age-related changes in the mind are generally subtle. It …


Pre and Post-Moving Tips While Pregnant

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Pregnancy can be stressful and exciting. The same can be said for moving homes, but what happens when the two are combined? This can easily result in added stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed. This can be avoided if you prepare properly. The following infographic will give some advice for moms to be that …


Ways The Body Changes During & After Pregnancy

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It should come as no surprise that a woman’s body undergoes many changes to accommodate a growing baby. Still, many pregnant women and new mothers are often unaware of just how much their bodies can alter over the course of gestation, as well as in the postpartum stage. Below are a few examples of physical …


Ways to Exercise the Left and Right Sides of the Brain

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Learning a new language is reported to exercise the left hemisphere, while singing strengthens the right. Yet both these activities rely on reading, for song lyrics and for studying the language in its written form. Such reading activates both sides simultaneously and works to boost brain performance in its entirety. While it’s been determined that …


5 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Routine as a Student

Healthy Routine as a Student

A healthy daily routine will form the foundation of your success as a student. It’s worth thinking about how you can set yourself up to achieve your dreams and be the best version of yourself. Follow these easy steps to create a daily routine that will help you excel as a student. 1. Get Up …


Facts to Consider Before Getting a Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy is a significant part of a woman’s life, causing physical and emotional changes to a woman’s body. And some changes require extra intervention to restore a woman’s pre-pregnancy body. If you desire to have your pre-baby body back (but are struggling to achieve it naturally), a Mommy Makeover might be an appropriate procedure to …

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Consider a Tummy Tuck for a Better Body Image

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A tummy tuck — or abdominoplasty — is a cosmetic surgery you undergo to improve your abdominal shape. The surgery involves the removal of excessive skin, fats, and stretch marks. It also tightens the abdominal muscles. The Ideal Candidate for Tummy Tuck You will get a tummy tuck if you are fit and healthy. That …