10 Tips for Beginner Surfers

Surfing is an amazing sport to stay active and have fun while enjoying the water sport. Surfing is not easy for beginners as they need training and practice to maintain the balance and protect themselves from the tides. Like any other sport, it takes time and patience to learn the adventurous sport of water surfing.

If you are going to start the water surfing, you need to know the things such as which board is the best, which clothes should you wear, and how to maintain the balance on the surf board. Even if you have planned to get some training, these tips will be helpful for you to start this wonderful watersport.

Improve your fitness

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Unless you are already fit and healthy, you should improve your fitness to enjoy the surfing. People who are fit and healthy tend to stay for more time in the water. Practice some compound exercises like pushups, squats, planks, and burpees which helps you strengthen your entire body. Moreover, such exercises provide you the required flexibility which protects from injuries.

Get the right gear

Don’t hesitate to spend some money on buying the right gear to start the wonderful sport. If you are going to surf in the cold weather, get a winter wetsuit that keeps you warm. Also, buy the right wetsuit boots and gloves. The right gear will help you surf the waters smoothly.

Get a beginner surfboard

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Surf boards for beginners come with special features. A beginner surfboard is designed to tolerate the mistakes made by the surfers while making the balance. It is the best to buy a soft top surfboard which is designed for beginners so that they can easily catch the waves and surf smoothly. Also, if your board hits you, it won’t hurt you.

Know your limits

Beginners should not surf in the powerful waves. You should quit as soon as the waves become too powerful to be handled. You should know your limits and your ability up to which you can handle the waves. It’s better to quit that to get hurt.

Pop up before surfing

Practice your pop up before surfing for a few minutes on the beach. Place the board on the sand and lay down on it. To stand up on a wave, you need to practice how to pop-up quickly. Practicing will help you to pop-up quickly when you go for surfing.

Take the extra paddle

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While you paddle for a wave, when you feel that the energy of the wave starts to lift you up, it is better to take one stronger paddle. The extra velocity you get from the paddle, won’t let you stuck on the top of the wave let you will allow you to drop easily.

Stay perpendicular to the whitewash

You should stay perpendicular to the whitewash while surfing in the waters. Imagine if you and your board are caught horizontally by a wave it will push you towards the shore with a great force. Therefore, it is best to remain perpendicular to the whitewash.

Bend the knees, not the back

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While you surf on the wave, you should bend your knees to maintain the balance and not your back. Bending your knees will help you maintain your balance and absorb the energy of the wave. Bending the back will make it difficult to maintain the balance in waves.

Fall flat

Every surfer falls in the beginning. The best way to fall while surfing, is to fall flat to prevent yourself from injury. When you break the surface of the water after falling, put your hands and arms in front of your face and over your head as you never know when your board falls on you.

Have fun

There is a saying in the surfing world that the best surfers are those having the most fun. Remember the saying and make most fun while enjoying this wonderful water sport.

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