Facts to Consider Before Getting a Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy is a significant part of a woman’s life, causing physical and emotional changes to a woman’s body. And some changes require extra intervention to restore a woman’s pre-pregnancy body. If you desire to have your pre-baby body back (but are struggling to achieve it naturally), a Mommy Makeover might be an appropriate procedure to …

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Consider a Tummy Tuck for a Better Body Image

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A tummy tuck — or abdominoplasty — is a cosmetic surgery you undergo to improve your abdominal shape. The surgery involves the removal of excessive skin, fats, and stretch marks. It also tightens the abdominal muscles. The Ideal Candidate for Tummy Tuck You will get a tummy tuck if you are fit and healthy. That …


9 Ways to Reduce Bloating After You Eat

9 Ways to Reduce Bloating After You Eat

Source: siam.pukkato/ Feeling bloated after eating is uncomfortable and can be embarrassing. Thankfully, you can do a few things to help reduce the bloating and get on with your day. From following a low-FODMAP meal plan to avoiding carbonated beverages, here are some tips to help you reduce bloating after you eat. 1) Avoid Trigger …


5 Ways to Handle Post-Pregnancy Intimacy with Your Partner

Post-Pregnancy Intimacy with Your Partner

Source: Jana Eviakova/ So you’ve just had a baby! Congratulations! As you embark on this new chapter in your life, one thing you’ll need to navigate is post-pregnancy intimacy with your partner. It’s common for couples to experience some changes in their s e x life after giving birth, but don’t worry. There are plenty …


6 Benefits of Being a Midwife Nurse

Being a Midwife Nurse

Source: Monkey Business Images/ So you’re thinking about becoming a midwife nurse? Congratulations! There are many benefits to being a midwife nurse. This post will discuss some of the top benefits of being a midwife nurse. So slip on your comfiest scrubs, grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started. What Is a Midwife …


Women Over 50: 23 Items You Should Have in Your Purse

Women Over 50

If you find yourself carrying everything in your purse but the essentials—and we’ve all been there at one point or another—it’s time to do a bag makeover. Today, we’re covering the 23 essential things that women over 50 should have in their purses for all kinds of emergencies. Note that some of these items, such …