6 reasons why dental sedation is good for women’s Health!!

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Most people don’t visit the dentist because of anxiety and with time it worsens. Dentophobia is something which every adult go through especially women. This is one of the reasons why women keep on delaying their visit to the dentist and one problem leads to the other. Many times this happens because of some earlier trauma or fear of the equipment used. Dental sedation is getting huge popularity lately. It makes sure that your fear of visiting dentist is reduced and made more comfortable. Types of sedation include inhalation (using nitrous oxide), oral (by taking a pill) and IV (by injection). Your history of allergies and overall health determines the type of sedation to be used on you. You have to invest more time with your dentist to know about the effect of oral health on overall health, the risk involved in dental treatments. This will help you and your dentist to take the right steps for treatment and making your visits comfortable.

Let’s have a look at why dental sedation is good for women’s health:

  1. Anxiety

Studies show that the girls after hitting puberty are twice anxious as compared to men. Anxiety disorders appear earlier in women than in men. The female body doesn’t process serotonin also known as the happy chemical as in men and also the hormonal dysfunction in the female body lead to anxiety and stress disorders. Hence, the reason why women are more susceptible to dentophobia. Dental sedation helps in reducing this anxiety and fear. Remember, dental sedation should not be done during pregnancy and consult your doctor for more details.

  1. Gag reflex

The gag reflex is a natural response, safety mechanism of the body when something goes down in your throat. Your throat contracts giving a feeling of choking and sometimes it happens due to anxiety too. Whatever the reason be dental sedation will help you with a smooth experience during your next dentist appointment. The type of sedation that’s good for you depends on the severity of your gag reflex.  Laughing gas and oral sedation relax you enough to take the treatment without getting nervous, gagging or anxiety.

  1. Difficulty getting desensitized

Depending on the body weight, some people find it difficult to get numb. Nitrous oxide sedation is the fastest sedation technique which gets into your blood as free gas and enters the brain where anesthetic action occurs. According to the ADA sedation and anesthesia guidelines, Nitrous oxide or laughing gas used in combination with other sedative agents produce deep sedation or general anesthesia. The dental nasal mask is an equipment used to deliver nitrous oxide sedation. It’s comfortable, safe and easy to use. Large safe sedate nasal masks are single-use masks, that will fit your patients perfectly without dislodging. The patient becomes calm yet awake during the intake of Nitrous oxide.

  1. Sensitive Teeth

Sensitivity is when you feel pain while eating something hot or cold. Adults, often suffer from sensitive teeth. Sensitivity occurs due to tooth decay, exposed tooth root, gum disease etc. Your fear and anxiety of the dentist’s tools scratching and drilling your teeth causing pain is the reason you choose not to go to the dentist which lead to increased tooth sensitivity. With dental sedation, you don’t have to worry at all.  The pain in eliminated entirely and you will have a positive experience.

  1. Low tolerance to pain

Studies show that men have a higher tolerance towards pain than women. Dental sedation or sleep dentistry is very safe and can make your experience pleasant. IV sedation is an effective and safe technique that helps you undergo the treatment without facing the pain.  In this technique, the sedation can be adjusted according to your need. Avoid eating anything up to 6 hours before the treatment. The best part is, post the procedure you don’t even remember anything.

  1. Elderly women

Dental need increase with age. Elderly women need special care, attention and have to undergo dental treatments frequently.  As you near old age, the fear and anxiety increase for all major and minor operations. If you are at this stage or have elderly women at your place, worry not, dental sedation is for you. Sedation techniques like IV sedation, oral sedation, and nitrous oxide sedation are pain relieving, making you relaxed during the treatment. Nitrous oxide sedation is not advised if the elderly person is suffering from any form of respiratory complications.

If you understand and fall in any of the above-mentioned pointers, then it’s time to discuss it with your dentist. Understand that, it’s normal to feel pain and anxiety because of the procedures like a root canal, tooth extractions, dental implantation etc. But not going to the dentist is not a solution rather it just worsens the situation. It’s a good choice to talk to your dentist about your fears and together can come up with a sedation technique that suits you best.

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