E-Bikes Can Provide a Good Workout

Cycling has become one of the simplest and most effective workouts of modern life. It has created a surge of people turning to stationery and e-bikes. You can’t deny it; it’s easier to cycle than get through morning rush hour in a vehicle, especially in busy cities. You always need to improve your cardiovascular system and despite what you might believe, cycling can burn lots of calories too. Electric bikes have several benefits, such as building muscles, improving core strength, and boosting weight loss abilities too.

Unfortunately, there are still many who aren’t convinced that e-bikes are an effective weight-loss tool. So, how can e-bikes provide you with a good workout?

The Misconception of E-Bikes

E-Bikes make for great transportation, but you can be easily fooled into believing they’re useless for weight loss. Of course, you hear electric and instantly think of pedal assist and you don’t technically need to spend energy cycling either. Well maybe some riders do that, but you can use e-bikes to improve your fitness and lose excess pounds. For instance, you set off on a short ride to work, and five minutes in, you use the pedal assist. While you’ve cycled under your own steam for a short while, you’re likely to burn fewer calories since the bike did all the work.

On the other hand, using the motor when it’s an absolute necessity may ensure a thorough workout. For example, cycling for twenty minutes at a brisk pace with no assistance allows you to burn around 350 calories. Compare that to using the power assist for most of your workout and you burn only around 150-200 calories. While you burn fewer calories with the power assist, you still burn calories. That’s a major misconception of e-bikes.

Cycling Gets the Body Moving

You might think cycling is a waste of time, money, and energy since the only movement involves your legs; however, that’s incorrect. Technically, your legs do most of the work, but your entire body moves as they move. Cycling can be a complete workout for the body and e-bikes can provide a good workout too. Remember, cycling – even with an e-bike – involves your core muscles. As you cycle, you build these muscles up; you improve on your stamina, build muscles throughout your upper and lower legs, and even the back muscles. That’s only a few areas too and the more you cycle, the more you burn.

As said, using the motor assist constantly will allow you to burn calories but at a lower rate. So, the aim should be to cycle and use the pedal-assist when it’s necessary. You really can get a great workout with an e-bike. It allows you to go at your own pace and makes it easier to exercise comfortably.

Ditch the Assist to Get a Full-On Cardio Workout

There is little doubt that e-bikes can give you a great workout; however, it’s important to use your own steam rather than constantly relying on the assist feature. For example, you’re new to cycling and your fitness is low. So, you cycle comfortably for ten minutes and feel like you need help to get you to your destination about ten minutes away. You turn on the assist and let the bike do the work. While this does still burn calories, you aren’t using the bike to its full potential and the reality is that you sometimes need to ditch the assist to get a useful cardio workout.

Of course, this is a gradual process but it’s something often neglected. For instance, you use the e-bike for two months and start to notice a difference in your stamina. You really don’t need to use the power assist on shorter journeys but still, you use it since it’s there. When you’ve reached a new level, you need to reduce how often you turn to the pedal or power assist features. This will enable you to tailor the workout to your abilities. For instance, use the power assist for five minutes and cut it down gradually.

The Daily Commute Boosts Your Fitness and Overall Health

Spending one hour a day exercising can make a huge difference. E-bikes can offer a workout that impacts your fitness and makes a difference to your overall health. You might not be aware of this, but your daily commute can turn into a workout. For instance, you spend twenty minutes on the train getting to the office and another twenty going home later in the evening. While the train is quicker, it doesn’t offer a workout.

On the other hand, you could use the e-bike to get to and from the office. This gives you a great workout and allows you to get fit while doing something you’d normally do. Also, you don’t have to squeeze in additional time for a workout later. You can get a forty-minute workout just by using an e-bike in your daily commute. It’s ideal and a simple way to get healthy too.

Get Healthy Running Errands

From picking up groceries to window shopping, you’re often out and about going places. However, it can be more effective to use an e-bike than a gas-guzzling SUV. You not only avoid being stuck in mile-long tailbacks but help the environment too, and you give yourself a workout in the process. Cycling takes a lot of effort and when you do it often enough, it’ll become second nature. You will notice your legs getting stronger and able to tackle tougher terrains and longer journeys.

Even when you’re having an off day, you can use the power assist to do the heavy lifting. It’s an ideal way to get more physical activity in your daily routine.

E-Bikes Can Make a Difference

Exercise is a pain. You don’t always enjoy working out and can struggle to find an exercise routine that suits your current physical abilities and retains your attention. E-bikes are slightly different because you can use them any time you leave the home. You can ride them to work, to the grocery store, when picking the children up from school, and when you just want to get some fresh air. There are a lot of e-bikes that have emerged, and you will surely find the best e-bikes that fit you. Using an e-bike instead of a car, where possible, can make a difference to your health and fitness.

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