Robotic Heart Surgery: A New-Age Cardiac Surgical Procedure with Maximum and Faster Chances of Recovery, Guaranteed

Robotic Heart Surgery

Robotic cardiac surgery: An innovation in cardiology

Robotic heart surgery, also called closed-chest heart surgery has changed the way heart surgeries are being performed today. This specific type of minimally-invasive surgical procedure is performed by cardiac surgeons on patients with various heart issues. During the course of this procedure, a robot functions as an extension of the surgeon involved. This helps the heart surgeon to execute heart operations through small incisions or port.

Robotic heart surgery includes two robotic arms- each of these arms has a camera attached to it. These cameras are responsible for sending images to a video monitor or console to guide the surgeons throughout the procedure. The surgery proves elementary in decreasing the surgical stress associated with the surgery and minimizes blood loss. This, in turn, assures patients a shorter hospital stay and a faster recovery.

How a robotic cardiac surgery performed?

This technically advanced surgery allow the surgeons to use a specially designed surgical robotic system, which comprises of three distinct parts, namely

  1. Console
  2. Robotic arms
  3. Instrument tower with a camera attached

During the surgery, the cardiac surgeon has the control over thin robotic arms outfitted with surgical equipment and a tiny camera (endoscope); it helps the surgeon to receive a three-dimensional image of the operating region. The surgeons control the robotic arms that mimic the hand, wrist, and finger of the surgeon, to gain control over the patient from a system console.

Two surgical robotic systems including The da Vinci machine, built by Intuitive Surgical Inc., and the Zeus Surgical System, by Computer Motion, California, USA, are currently used in premium hospitals as opposed to hand-operating instruments.

What kind of surgeries can be performed robotically?

A number of surgeries like endoscopic coronary bypass grafting (CABG), robotic mitral valve operation, both repairs and replacements, Tricuspid valve repair and replacement, Atrial septal defect (ASD) etc. can be performed with the help of robotic surgical system.

What are the benefits?

The benefits offered by Robotic heart surgery are:

  1. A cosmetic advantage: Unlike the traditional heart procedures, robotic heart surgery is performed through substantially smaller and less-traumatic incisions; no large scars are formed on the body.
  2. Less pain and trauma: Apart from this, this new-age surgical procedure offers less post-operative pains and reduced trauma.
  3. Reduced risk of wound infection: As the incisions are small, the risks of wound infection in the robotic heart surgery diminish greatly.
  4. Reduced blood loss and fewer transfusions: The rate of blood loss in the case of robotic heart surgery is significantly lower than in the traditional procedures like Sternotomy. Hence, the need for blood transfusions decreases.

In addition, heart surgery in India allows the patients to savor benefits such as decreased length of stay in the hospital, rapid recovery and quicker return to daily activities.

Though regarded as a highly safe and effective surgical procedure, this particular type of heart surgery cannot be performed on all patients. Prior to going for a robotic surgery, one is expected to consult a reliable heart surgeon and take part in the diagnostic process.

Is India a Suitable Destination for Robotic Surgery?

With an access to highly-qualified cardiac surgeons that specialize in performing robotic surgical procedures, modern tools, and top-notch healthcare facilities, India has emerged as one of the most sought-after destinations for robotic surgery in the world. Patients with chronic heart ailments can undergo this procedure at India’s  premium healthcare facility like Apollo hospitals, Medanta, Fortis Escorts heart institute, Max Super Specialty hospital, and more at minimal costs.

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