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Are You Making These Facelift Recovery Mistakes?

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The facelift cosmetic surgery is a unique one, giving many people the ultimate chance to reverse back the clock. In several cases, it works wonders to erase as much as 10 years of damage and slows down the side effects of aging. Although this is a great chance to let you achieve a rejuvenated look, you need to be aware; you cannot go through the procedure multiple times. Know that aging will soon catch up with you.

Even though patients in some cases revisit their facelift in Atlanta surgeon for a second facelift after 10-12 years post the first one, many patients claim that just one surgery is enough to do the job. Of course, this also depends on whether or not you choose a board certified surgeon. Then again, for the best, long lasting results, taking care of your skin and heath is an integral aspect, essential to make the results last for a long time.

Is it possible that you are not following the right care tips? Are you making these common facelift recovery mistakes? If you are, then it will definitely affect the results of your facelift.

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#1 Do You Skip Applying Your Sunscreen?

Keep in mind that constant exposure to sunlight, and the harmful UV rays, can increase premature aging. Not only does frequent UV rays exposure cause skin reactions, or burn the skin, it also causes problems like freckling and changes the texture of your skin. Know that UVA rays to be precise are more damaging and they affect the elasticity of the skin, which leads to sagging in the future.

When you wear a sunscreen that has an SPF full spectrum of 30, this will ensure better protection for your skin from the damaging effects of UV rays. Note that several companies make it easier to have sunscreen lotions, as they blend SPF into their face creams and lotions, sometimes even liquid foundations consist of some sunscreen in them. For longer lasting results, cover your skin to protect the facelift results and this should help you look younger.

#2 Sleeping Face Down On Your Stomach is a Bad Idea

This may sound irrelevant, maybe even a myth, but most surgeons and experts, even those at Crispin Plastic surgery recommend it to their patients that they need to avoid sleeping on their stomach, face down on their pillow. If you end up sleeping on your stomach with your face on the pillow at a stretch for about 7-8 hours, you should know that it could have some adverse consequences.

Another precautionary measure you need to take seriously is avoiding sleeping on your stomach before the facelift surgery. If you end up sleeping on your stomach down, this will press your skin and your facial tissue for a longer time. This will lead to deep wrinkles and creases later in life. After your facelift surgery, ensure that you create other aging concerns down the line, which should help to combat the concerns of and fine lines in the future. Rather, it is best that sleep on your back, this will serves as a surety that your tissues and skin remain undisturbed while you enjoy your slumber. In addition, keep changing your position, sleeping in the same position will also deepen the creases, so please be careful!

#3 Do You Have Bad Habits?

Keep in mind that tobacco and alcohol have several unwanted effects that ruin the body. It could be you pay to attention to how these affect your age, and face, but you need to know, smoking is dangerous to your skin. In fact, there are cases of “smoker’s face.” This condition often includes wrinkled skin that looks pale and gray, common in older people. Smoking leads to deep wrinkles and creases, especially around the mouth, sometimes causing damage to the skin, making it sag and appear discolored.

On the other hand, alcohol consumption may not actually be dangerous, especially if you are an occasional drinker. However, if you are a frequent drinking, this can lead to dehydration in years to come, creating wrinkles and creases that you will have to combat with a facelift surgery.

Rest assured that if you limit your consumption of alcohol, and stop smoking, then you stand a better chance of longer lasting facelift results.

#4 Avoiding Water Intake

For longer lasting facelift results, avoiding or consuming less water is not a good idea at all. Proper hydration is an essential factor and important for every single organ in the body, as well as the skin. Note that taking enough water will give your skin the very best chance to stay firm, smooth, youthful, and rejuvenated at all times. Having a plumper skin will also guarantee fewer wrinkles and fine lines, less sagging and better elasticity.

There’s more to a facelift in Atlanta recovery. You need to avoid engaging in hectic activities or lifting heavy objects. Of course, for the best guidance, consult a board-certified surgeon in your area today!

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