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How to Reduce Thighs and Hips at Home

How to Reduce Thighs and Hips at Home

Reducing tummy fat is most difficult and losing weight from thigh and hip even at home is not less than a challenge in itself. But after reading this article completely it becomes a lot easy for you. Here you will know about how to reduce thighs and hips at home. When you look yourself in a big mirror you large and fatty hips and thighs creates a negative impact on your mind for your health. Mostly people don’t know how to reduce thighs and hips at home. These fatty thighs and hips also becomes an obstacle between you and your jeans.

Reducing fat from these two areas are more difficult than reducing whole body fat. Every problem has a solution you only need to know it.

How to reduce thighs and hips at home

Coconut oil

  • It is a natural and safe way of reducing fat at home.
  • By applying and massaging with warm coconut oil in thighs and hips two times a day for 10 minutes will reduce fat from them.
  • This method also makes our metabolism better.
  • It is an amazing home method for answering how to reduce thighs and hips at home.


  • Yoga is an effective and simple idea for reducing fat from mostly all parts.
  • It can be done by people of all ages and also improves flexibility.
  • You can also perform several yoga poses especially for hips and thighs.

Plenty of Water

  • Water not only flushes waste and toxins from body but also makes your metabolism better.
  • By drinking water daily your liver changes your fat into energy.
  • You can also drink lemon water in morning which is a known remedy for weight loss.
  • It is safest way for how to reduce thighs and hips at home.


Standing Side Kicks

  • If you ever do workout for your hips and thighs then you had definitely performed this exercise before.
  • This standing kicks works on your both inner and outer thighs.

Change in Eating

  • Most of us do not have a good eating habits or diet which is also a reason for fat getting stored.
  • Following a healthy diet like eating vegetables, fruits and avoiding junk food and fried food will definitely reduce weight.
  • Avoid carbonated drink and alcohols, cold drinks and coffee as well.

Apple cider vinegar and oil

  • This remedy should be done 2 times in a day for getting good results.
  • Mix this vinegar with very less coconut oil and massage with it on your hips and thighs region.
  • Then after half hour wash it with water.

Butterfly stretch or pose

  • This is one of the most easy and simple but good exercise for thighs and hip area.
  • Doing this will make muscles of your inner thigh more stretchable.
  • It is also good for our digestion as well as intestines.

CONCLUSION: You can easily see extra fat in most peoples especially in hip and thighs which makes you to look fattier.  This fat can be removed by some simple ideas at home.

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